Branded Pool Tables


So, how can investing in a pool table benefit your tavern?

As mentioned above, investing in a pool table will put money in your pocket due to the extra time and extra beverages bought from your bar – and if you consider a coin-operated pool table, you can claim even more profits. In addition to that, a pool table increases the marketability of your bar and poses as an attraction to those looking for places to enjoy sport, have a few drinks, or pick up the cue to sink some balls. Another huge benefit of having a pool table, is the ability to use all surfaces as a branding base to advertise or promote your bar, drink specials or popular brands. With just these few significant benefits, it’s quite clear how beneficial a pool table investment can be.

So where do you start?

Since 1984, Easi Eight have been supplying South African bars and taverns with premium quality pool tables at the most affordable rates. Having strategically designed each table to fit comfortably in the required space, we’ve helped bar owners to increase their customer base and reap the financial benefits associated with it. Our tables are built with first-grade materials and finished off with a high quality surface, providing the perfect canvas for branding of all types. If you’re looking to take your taproom to the next level, Easi Eight is the best way to do it.

Traditional Black Coin Operated Pool Table, Branded, including Accessories

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