About Us

Easi Eight was established in 1984 and is Africa’s largest manufacturer & supplier of:

  • Pool Tables
  • Soccer Tables
  • Video Games
  • Accessories
  • Components

The Easi Eight factory (2000sq m), showroom and stores reflect the commitment that we have to the industry & our customers. Our focus is on service, quality & adding value, and it is little wonder that we are the”Leaders of the Game”. We operate under a strict Code of Honor encompassing honesty & integrity amongst others.


EASI8 was established in 1982 to start providing pool tables to the South African Bar & Restaurant industry so that the patrons could have a more enjoyable experience when having an evening out.  The success of this initiative has seen EASI8 grow to be the largest supplier of Coin Operated Pool tables in Africa over the last 36 years.

Situated in Johannesburg, EASI8 has supplied over 90,000 coin operated pool tables and numerous accessories to over a thousand customers in 15 different countries in Africa.  These entrepeneurs have enjoyed the financial benefits of operating EASI8 pool tables for many years, and continue to do so as they break into new markets on the African continent.

In 2016, the management of EASI8 decided to open a manufacturing plant in Lagos, Nigeria, and as a result we saw the first Nigerian EASI8 coin operated pool tables coming off the production line in August 2017.  EASI8 Nigeria now supplies coin operated pool tables to retail stores such as GAME and operating companies such as Allied Amusements directly from the Nigerian factory.

EASI8 Nigeria imports the components and accessories for the pool table, sourcing the best products at the best prices from all around the world so as to insure the high level of quality expected from and EASi8 Pool Table is maintained. Locally supplied imported plywood is used to manufacture the pool table’s wooden components ensuring the pool table is suited to the Nigerian conditions.

You can be assured of a good value for money product that will continue to generate a revenue for you for many years to come.