The income generated by Pool Tables has slowly declined over 25 Years due to Pool only costing R2.00 per Game.  Due to the next denomination of Coin, being R5.00, the increase is too great and not accepted by the Market.

The introduction of the Tavern Token Table  will overcome this hurdle in the price of a Game of Pool by allowing us to increase the price in smaller increments e.g. R2.00 to R2.50 per Game.

By using the Tavern Token Table it can increase the Pool Table income by 25%.

Features & Benefits

  • You can charge any amount for a Game of Pool.
  • You can charge less on a quiet Night and more on a busy Night to optimise Revenue.
  • No Cash is held in the Table alleviating any Break-in to the Table and stealing Cash.
  • Low cost Tokens are sold in packs of 100.
  • The Tavern Token Table is “Value for Money” and more affordable than Coin Operated Tables.